WARRIOR BATTLEAXE evening score events May 2018

Popular series of Wednesday evening informal score events when the woods are at their best.

Suitable for families, beginners and orienteers of all abilities. There's plenty of help available if you're new to orienteering.

The format is simple - get as many controls as you can out of a possible total of 20 in one hour. Each control is worth 10 points, but there is a penalty of 5 points for each minute you are late back after the hour. Beware - its easy to try to get too many and find you don't have enough time to get back without a penalty.

All events are on Wednesday evenings with starts between 6 and 7 pm. Courses close 8pm. Check here just before the events as minor details may change at last minute. Cost £5 / £2

There are three events this year, ALL three scores count towards a final total

More details in April.